Let's explore this wild & potent time of your Saturn Return!

get support & resources for your cosmic rite of passage

You'll get...

While this is an archived group (no longer an active posting community space), it's full of resources for helping you to navigate and leverage this cosmic cycle of your Saturn Return.

In this group you'll find //

Ringed Planet on Samsung One UI 2.5astro-coaching (our unique blend of astrology + transformational coaching) resources in the form of podcasts, guided meditations, articles and more.

Ringed Planet on Samsung One UI 2.5replays of various trainings and workshops to support various aspects of your Return time.

Want to dive in even deeper? Join the Saturn Return Workshop Self-Study Course and/or book your 1-on-1 time with Sandy or Dana!

This free & open community is a great first step to gain more clarity and resources to navigate your Saturn Return. That's why we created it! AND we know that sometimes you want...

  • to take your initial clarity to the next level
  • to get that personalized support from experts who are rooting for you (ahem, us)
  • to have tried & true guidance and frameworks for transformation at your fingertips

If any of those are relevant for you, you can...

  • learn more about (and sign up for) our signature Saturn Return course, the Saturn Return Workshop, which includes:
    • one-year access to a juicy 3-module, 13-week self-study program
    • a boat-load of bonuses
    • basically, an entire astrology 101 mini-course (um, hello!) + your birth chart + a brief individualized report that shares the dates of your most recent or upcoming Saturn transits
    • a powerful technique to support your clarity, a 4-step process for empowerment, as well as the art and science of manifestation
    • 10+ online video lessons that teach:
      • how to understand the astrological big picture
      • how to read and understand your unique astrological map (this is like your own personal user’s manual -- yes, you really have one!)
      • how mindset works
      • how to connect with and strengthen your personal powers, aka your foundation (trés Saturnian)
      • how to heal your old, outdated, limiting beliefs
      • how to envision a new way of being
      • how to MANIFEST that new way into reality
    • a 7-week practice to integrate your new vision in every important life area -- emotions, relationships, sexuality, body, money, work, and spirituality.
    • + once you sign up you'll get special 1-on-1 rates to work with Sandy & Dana that are only available as a student of the Workshop
  • book an astrology or hypnosis session with Sandy (or both!)
  • book a free 30-minute coaching consult & discovery sesh with Dana 
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